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2018 Standard Broadcast Calendar
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2017-2019 Standard Broadcast Calendar
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2018 Broadcasters Deadlines Calendar
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2018 House of Representatives Calendar
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2018 Senate Schedule
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Event Calendar



All RMT's are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month by the Nebraska State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC).  ALL TIMES ARE CENTRAL - DAYLIGHT OR STANDARD, DEPENDING ON TIME OF YEAR.


2018 Required Monthly Test Schedule:

MAY   15                     AT   10:00 AM

JUNE   19                    AT   11:00 PM

JULY 17                        AT   10:00 AM

AUGUST   21              AT   11:00 PM

SEPTEMBER   18       AT   10:00 AM

OCTOBER   16            AT   11:00 PM

NOVEMBER   20       AT   10:00 AM

DECEMBER   18        AT   11:00 PM


All Nebraska broadcasters and cable systems are encouraged to have a representative on the Nebraska EAS email list where you will receive updates on EAS tests and alerts. Go to www.NE-EAS.org to register.

This schedule is set by the Nebraska State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC) www.NE-EAS.org

Schedule is also available on the Nebraska EAS Yahoo calendar: